Site language / Tools
Initial city to show ads from
Enable/disable event calendar
Enable/disable image submissions
Show/hide left and right sidebars
Sort locations and categories alphabetically
Number of columns for showing categories
Ads/images per page
Show number of ads next to categories
Show number of ads next to subcategories
Number of pictures uploadable per ad
Maximum picture filesize
Allowed picture file types
Width and height of resized pictures and thumbnails
JPEG quality of resized images
Currency symbol to use
Enable/disable image verification
String to replace bad words with
Show/hide latest ads in homepage and number of ads to show
Show/hide category list in the left sidebar
Maximum number of abuse reports needed to automatically delete an ad
File types and maximum size of attachements allowed when contacting posters
Number of ads to include in the RSS feed
Number of characters to show for ad description in the RSS feed
Enable/disable featured ads and extended ads


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